Since the founding of Eukarion we have focused on oxidative stress as a target for drug discovery. We have pioneered the field of synthetic mimetics of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase with the discovery of a new class of compounds, the "EUK" compounds.
Over the years, we as well as a number of academic collaborators have demonstrated the potential of these compounds for the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, including major ones such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, and rare but particularly deadly ones such as Ataxia Telangiectasia (please visit


Our Science

In a most stringent model for oxidative stress, mice lacking superoxide dismutase in their mitochondria (SOD2-/- mice) our compounds were the only ones to recue a severe neurological phenotype that quickly develops after birth. In contrast compounds touted as "potent antioxidants" such as PBN, MitoQ or Idebenone, were ineffective.

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